Race review – Gatorade Series Race 1

Definitely looking faster than I was moving! And very pink from the heat!
Definitely looking faster than I was moving! And very pink from the heat!

The Gatorade Series is what we have now discovered as a huge triathlon race series in Victoria – with all the races being run on the beaches in Melbourne. That makes it pretty handy for us – as they are 10-30minutes away depending on where they begin, and they are also on the roads and paths and in the sea we train in.

Kat decided to race in this race 1 of the series, despite being nowhere near ‘competitively’ fit – having had roughly 5months of no running whatsoever. Still carrying the injury, but trying to sensibly train with it – it was a ‘what the hell’, ‘let’s give it a go’, ‘yolo’ moment. We’ve been training with tri alliance for a couple of weeks now, and they had a huge crowd racing and spectating (something like 80 people from the club racing) – so we thought it was a perfect moment just to throw ourselves in there.

Besides it was only a sprint….how hard can a sprint be 😉

Distances were 500m pool swim, 20km bike, 5km run.

It was also not stupidly early…how is 9:20am for a race start? Not bad.

What completely and utterly amazed us was the scale of the event. We thought we were rocking up to our local race series….we’ve been to plenty of local races back in the UK, so assumed how different could it be. Turns out a lot! From the race sponsor being 2XU, to the huge transition area (space for circa 4000 bikes), to the music blaring, the huge marquees for each triathlon club, an expo. It was frankly on a whole new scale. We compared it to something like the Europeans. It felt like a festival. If this is how the Aussies do triathlons, sign us up to more please!

Back to the actual race….it was fairly warm, but after watching jelly fish being pulled out the water on Saturday, I decided a wetsuit was a fairly safe option. Those that know me know I am pretty terrified when it comes to the sea….yes I know I’m a triathlete, I do it all the time, I do it for fun. But the sea scares me silly. So it was a swim as fast as I can 500m. I saw one jelly…pretty sure he wobbled off in terror as I screamed at him through the water. But not convinced being scared benefits the swim stroke. Time will bring more confidence for the sea swim as I jump in each week with training.

It was also pretty physical in the swim, one of the most physical swims I have experienced actually, with fists and feet being thrown about right until the end. Calm down ladies….it is a non-contact sport.

The bike felt good and strong – I felt fairly fit in that – and a nice flat, tucked into the aero position course.

Run…well it was only going to go one way with torn hip socket cartilage. At the start of this year I ran a marathon and I would say I was pretty run fit. The run on Sunday was average (I’m consoling myself with it wasn’t awful) – but clearly there is a long way to go until I’m back to anyway near (in my eyes) faster. I’d like to tick off those 4minutes that seem to have added onto my 5k, but again…patience patience…this race was just meant to be fun and social!

All in all it was a really fun race. What an atmosphere. It was great hanging out with loads of the tri alliance club…which is slowly starting to feel like home. Tri alliance is amazing as it has a huge marquee, seats and beanbags, free masseuse for when you’re finished, all topped off with a BBQ by the marquee and the beach after you’re done.

We’re now hook line and sinker sucked into the tri world in Oz– now we just need to get back training consistently….and hopefully by race 2 we’re both tell a tale of being machines of speed 😉 Thanks for being so welcoming tri alliance.

For those that are interested here are the splits:

500m sea swim T1 20km bike T2 5k run Total time
11:11 1:33 35:46 1:18 25:28 1:15:19


I came 19th in my AG (25-29) out of 63. Top 3rd, I’ll take that for now.

Tri alliance girls
Tri alliance girls

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