Week 17 – Anniversary at Altitude

This week saw the momentous (exaggeration) occasion of spending 4 years together. Apologies for the romance… so we decided to spend a really romantic weekend away together….cycling and running until we could cycle no more!

We left on the Friday for the town of Warburton which is about 2 hours away from Melbourne. This is now considered a short drive in Australia terms. We had decided to head there as it had mountains, as a beautiful as it is cycling up and down Beach road in Melbourne every week we decided we needed to cycle up a hill. Thus mountains we found.

Packed up car with matchy match bikes
Packed up car with matchy match bikes

Friday night was spend carb loading (Pizza and wine date) and we stayed in a beautiful little cabin courtesy of Air B’n’B.

Strolling riverside in the evening sun
Strolling riverside in the evening sun

It was our understanding that Warburton was a bit of a cycling attraction and as we cycled off on Saturday we realised why. It was stunning. Great road surfaces, and so far, cycling friendly. About 3km outside of Warburton is a mountain called Mt Donna Buang. Not really researching how far/steep it was off we set. 3km of a climb later Kat asked Jonney how long do you reckon this climb is? Jonney faithfully promised 5km max. A few minutes later a couple of cyclists passed by….turns out the total climb was 18km – so thats 21km in total from when we left Warbuton (few expletives later)…we continued.

Kat may have cycled up the mountain but there wasn't a chance she was chancing this rickety viewing tower
Kat may have cycled up the mountain but there wasn’t a chance she was chancing this rickety viewing tower
Happy smiles at the top of the first ascent
Happy smiles at the top of the first ascent

We were amazed at how many cyclists there were on the roads…and there seemed to be km markers every km – quite pro. Turns out there was a group of 20 women ‘everesting’ – which is basically cycling the height of Everest. Epic. These women were hardcore – they had been going since midnight and it meant 8 1/2 rides up this mountain. Suddenly complaining about it being longer than expected seemed a small complaint. For more on these women see >> LINK >> needless to say Kat was seriously inspired and would love to be involved if it happens again. They had put a call out asking all cyclists in the Melbourne region to come and cycle once (or more) with them as they attempted this to act as support.

Needless to say it was a mega day out – we ended up going up there twice as we chatted away to plenty of fellow cyclists. In fact Kat preferred the up as hurtling down a mountain for 18km was not all that fun – FEAR.

Grimace of fear
Grimace of fear


After being fuelled by cake and tea we decided to venture out on the famous trail that Warburton visitor centre had advised us on. Except being us….we decided to run it. 16km later….it was time for a dip in the river! Natural ice bath.

Beautiful trees riverside
Beautiful trees riverside

Another evening in the local pizza joint (there was about 1 restaurant in town) and some fizz later it was the end of a long day.

Sunday brought about more cycling (however much Jonney tried to convince Kat to ride Mt Donna Buang again it wasn’t happening). We also then went strawberry picking – eating about our bodyweight in the fruit – and then an evening with friends. That just happened to be a run set and 1km dip in an outdoor pool in Mentone. Well…we have to fulfil your expectations. Why sit and rest when you can run around?!


Blissful weekend.

Happy 4 years!


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