Race Report – Gatorade Race 3

Race report

Race 3 of the Gatorade Series – also the Australian National Sprint Championships.

Jonney’s first race. No pressure…what an opener!

The race was on ‘home turf’ being at Elwood where we train regularly during the week. We knew the bike course well. We’ve swum the swim. We had run along the beach front many times, at varying speeds in recent weeks. This resulted in us both being extremely chilled leading up to this race. To be honest it felt like another training session, just with a bit more planning.

Obviously come Sunday morning it was a whole other story with lots of pre-race nerves – but relatively relaxed for a National Champs. The weather of course was completely different to any national champs we were used to. A cool 35degrees!

Kat was off first – with Jonney 3.5 minutes after her – 2 waves back. The goal was to at least get out of T1 before him!


The swim was probably one of my most horrific to date. I think I let the other girls in the water completely intimidate me. They looked like fearsome Aussie swimmers, and I felt like this polite little English girl (excuse me, excuse me, you don’t happen to mind if I pass you?!)

It resulted in getting completely beaten up in the first few 100metres. It was relentless. I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm or flow. I couldn’t find a line, I kept bashing into people, and I was wiggling all over the place. And by the time I felt like I had some sort of space (albeit still trying to find some feet to tag onto) the men in the wave behind me started to swim over the top of me – and once again I swum off track to stop getting beaten up. Needless to say I knew I had a bad swim – but when the official results came through (41st in my age cat) it pretty much said it all.

I was disappointed – I know swimming is my weakest discipline – however I had felt I was making some progress of recent times. Nevertheless onward and upward.

The bike is my turf. I love this part of triathlon. I love my bike. The poor swim meant I put the hammer down. I felt pretty much untouchable on this. Not one lady passed me (always a small goal for me in each race) and I even had men trying to draft me. Yep they kept trying to pass….but not for long. No complaints here for this section.

Onto the run – I felt good, I felt controlled, my legs felt like I had this. I’ve been really working hard in running training. I have a little running goal…and I wanted to start getting closer to that today. I don’t wear a watch/garmin device during races – I like to go off feel – but today I wish I’d had that. I felt like I was running fast – again much faster than the first 2 races of the series. But I finished the 5k in 24minutes. Not exactly what I had hoped for. Still it is better than the last race (a positive) and I felt a lot more comfortable (a positive). I know I can go faster.

My final result was 16th in my age category (just think what I could have done if I’d nailed that swim!). Not bad at all for a Pom in an Aussie National Champs. Overall I was happy. That wasn’t a bad position for a competitive race, and I’m already rearing to go for the next race.

Splits are below for those interested (Swim includes a long long run into transition).

Swim: 16:49

T1: 1:43

Bike: 34:40

T2: 1:16

Run: 24:03


Speeding out of transition (so I thought)
Speeding out of transition (so I thought)


Swim ok

Bike good

Run fast

Sick at finish line.


Came 8th in age category.

Splits below:

Swim: 13:31

T1: 1:14

Bike: 32:14

T2: 1:08

Run: 17:58

Overall: 1:06:05.5 (8th in AG)



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