Brooks Sunset Series, Race 2 – Princes Park

For those who read our page you remember that we entered a trial race in January down at Portsea, on the tip of Port Phillip Bay. However, this race was canceled at the eleventh hour due to a weather front, which brought exceptionally high winds and driving rain in a matter of minutes. The photo below gives you some idea of what it was like.

Trying to evidence the strong winds
Trying to evidence the strong winds

We also learnt later that the run was due to pass the spot where the late Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, had waded out in his bathers for a swim. He never returned; and no trace was ever found of his body, not even his Speedos! So in many ways we were glad not to run, particularly as we got a couple of free entries into the Sunset Series in Melbourne. The first of these after work burn ups was on Wednesday at Princes Park. 4km for Jonney and 8km for Kat.

Jonney was off first and quickly ran himself to the front of the pack, from there he pressed on and on, turning the screw over the proceeding kilometers to come through the line 1st in 13:07. An unexpected win but you have to enjoy them, they don’t come round too often.

Winning shot
Winning shot

After watching the medal ceremony Kat was off in her race; which had a slightly fuller field it must be noted. She went out strong and held a consistent pace to finish in 37:39 , 146th overall and 28th lady.

May or may not have bought this finish line photo. Eyes closed to get to the end
May or may not have bought this finish line photo. Eyes closed to get to the end

The next and final stop in this series is the infamous Tan Loop in 2 weeks. The hallowed gravel path spans the circumference of Melbourne’s botanical gardens and has one or two nice rises (Kat – steep hills!)  to give a slightly sterner test than Princes Park. But if Australian greats such as Craig Mottram and Steve Moneghetti have taken the trouble to post a lap time then it sounds like a good enough reason for us to do the same.




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