Week 19 – It will be all White on the Night

I love a pun…couldn’t help myself with that one. Apologies. CHEESE.

This week we intended to have a quiet one. It has been quite busy and we were going to have a couple of weekends of chill before another trip in Oz. Wasn’t the case…never is…go go go.

Friday night we ventured back to our new favourite suburb – Albert Park. We had brunch there last week, and tonight we went back for a drink. It was a well-deserved – it has been a pretty brutal training week. After the race last Sunday although we had two slightly ‘easier’ days on Monday and Tuesday (still ending up being 3 sessions) we then raced on Wednesday in the ‘Sunset Series’ race 2. (Race report). This is a 3 race running series with two distances (4km and 8km) in cool locations in Melbourne. Tonight’s was in Princes Park towards the North of the city.

Thursday was an almighty brutal day with two hard sessions – bike laps around Albert Park in the morning (the F1 course) and fartlek run in the evening.

Come Friday it was jelly legs. Thus rehydration of wine required. Everything in balance…

Saturday morning was another brutal set (no rest for the wicked) with 80km ride coach Hilario with some power efforts – once again = men drafting off of Kat #powerthighs . Hilario is a fantastic coach at Tri alliance and elite triathlete who coaches us both, and couldn’t be more positive about getting us faster faster faster by swimming, cycling and running ‘beautifully’. Needless to say as Kat pushed through her effort on Saturday as he cycled next to her yelling faster faster – she could of quite happily given him a little push over (only kidding Hilario – don’t make me work any harder please!)

Saturday evening the whole of Melbourne was shut down for White Night. White night was sold to us as “Inspired by Paris’ Nuit Blanche and the international network of White Night programmes around the world”. It was a free event from dawn to dusk in Melbourne with visual art, exhibitions, illuminations, music, film, theatre etc. We imagined it to be a bit like the Luminaire festival in Durham (UK).

First we decided to go for a drink (again everything in balance) – and managed to accidentally blag our way into an event with an open bar. Whoops! So the evening started pretty well – and it actually had a roof top balcony overlooking fireworks on the river. Not bad not bad at all. Free Chandon, free vodka and free fireworks.

Free Chandon!
Free Chandon!
Firework display
Firework display

We then met up with friends and had a wander round the city. It was a little odd – I don’t think we were convinced on the evening. However it was amazing to see so many people in Melbourne taking in the arts, and seeing some of the buildings lit up. However the Cirque du Solei Totem Turtle which Kat was SUPER excited about – was perhaps a little bit of a letdown!

Lit up car
Lit up car

IMG_3092 IMG_3093

Moving Indian dancing - all lit up
Moving Indian dancing – all lit up
Alice in Wonderland lit up along Flinders Street
Alice in Wonderland lit up along Flinders Street

However we wandered around until about 1am – as there was certainly a lot to see!

Sunday brought about a long run in 35 degree heat along the beach, brunch in South Melbourne and a swim in MSAC in the 50m pool. Sunday night = collapse!

Another winning  brunch
Another winning brunch

Quiet week….not so quiet. Still – we didn’t move to Melbourne to sit inside and not do anything! Life is not for sitting down.



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