Triathlon time trial week

A concept we are familiar with is time trial week. Every so often (it was every 2 months back home) we would test ourselves over a set distance, usually a set track and see where we were at. This then helps pacing, and working out the times of intervals in sessions going forward.

So last week was the first week (post off season) of trials. It was never going to be pretty, but it was only going to be a stepping stone in the right direction. If we were running pb pace now, come 6-8 months time in actual triathlon season we would most likely be overcooked, bored, tired or injured. Plus surely we can only get faster from here right!

So the markers have been set:


500m time trial (50m indoor pool) – 8:54

5km run outdoor track – 23:03


500m time trial (50m indoor pool) – 7:47

(nb Jonney did not run the 5km as currently mid half marathon trialling…but more on that to come in a couple of weeks!)

Onwards and upwards – lets now make the magic happen!



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