Getting down to business

As mentioned in previous blog posts we have joined a triathlon club here in Melbourne – Tri Alliance. We were incredibly lucky in our choice, which was a bit of a google search as to which club seemed to have the best set up, choice of coached sessions and were located near to us. Tri Alliance was our choice – and we have met a fantastic group of people being a part of that club.

Tri Alliance has completely supported the both of us with our goals – after all one of our primary goals for coming to Australia was to ramp up our triathlon and compete as best to our abilities and as seriously as possible, whilst still maintaining that element of fun!

For the upcoming season Kat is being completely supported by Tri Alliance with Head coach Ollie, and Fuel Right Nutrition with accredited sports dietitian Margaret. Needless to say she feels incredibly lucky!

During the course of the winter and the upcoming season she will be recording her progress via short video blogs – check out the first one below:


Fuel-Right-Nutrition tri alliance logo


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