If you’re a triathlete you will have heard of the Asics ‘Noosa’ triathlon shoe. We certainly had. We even had a pair of things back at home. Cue 12 months later…and we found ourselves in Noosa (Queensland) for Australia’s largest triathlon, and one of the largest in the World.

Kat was lucky to get a waitlist entry so was doing the full Olympic Distance triathlon on the Sunday. Jonney was entered into the elite 5km Asics Bolt running race – no pressure!

We went up on the Wednesday night before Kat’s Birthday …and like a few of our trips to Queensland the supposed glorious weather was nowhere to be seen and it poured with rain! Friday onwards…the sun was well and truly out.

Look after my bike please Jetstar!

The whole weekend was a buzz of different activities and sporting events – from fun runs, criterium cycling races, the Bolt, triathlons, and the fun legends triathlon for sporting heros and the like! We spent a lot of time in the Noosa town centre watching and supporting, soaking it up. And whilst we weren’t watching we were out on the bikes looking round the course and doing recces of the swim and run. Our type of holiday!

Saturday morning saw Kat attend the witsup ride and breakfast. Witsup (short of women in triathlon) is an awesome venture run by Stef Hanson which basically an online community for women which helps to promote female triathlon. Its great. Check it out.

The witsup ride was attended by a number of other women racing, as well as the Specialized Securitor women’s race team to inspire us all a little! Following an hour’s poodle around the Noosa roads we were back at the RACV for a breakfast spread. Yum. We were given freebies (thanks specialized again!) and then we settled down to watch and listen to three of the most famous women from the ITU circuit – Emma Moffatt, Emma Snowsill (Frodeno) and Emma Jackson. It was refreshing and inspiring to hear from them about all sorts of things including nutrition, racing, mojo and motivation.

Posing with the three Emmas with the rest of the TA ladies

Later on the Saturday saw Jonney line up with some elite runners for the Noosa Bolt – per IM – The ASICS Bolt is Australia’s premier 5km road race attracting Australia’s best middle distance runners over an exciting, flat multi-lap course. The criteria to enter is a sub 17min 5km time – so lets just say there were nothing but weapons on that startline!

Originally from:

The aim for this season is sub 16min and times in training were looking along those lines. However a 4pm race in Queensland in above 30 degrees for this Brit, meant a time of 16:33 – admirable in the conditions. And if you had seen Jonney’s face about half way in and the shades of green and grey you would have surprised he turned it around. Full results here. Brett Robinson ran home in 1st with a 14:14 – no bother.

Jonney and Brett Robinson at the finish line
Making it look easy!

Onto Sunday where Kat was competing in the Olympic Distance race. Traditionally the Noosa swim is in the canal and 2015 saw the first year the 1.5km swim was moved to the sea. Perfect – just what Kat loves – not. Initial terror in the warm up swim a couple of days prior put to the back of her mind she set off from the frantic beach start with a mixture of wetsuits and non wetsuits due to the warmth of the water. The change in swim also meant an extended long run from the beach front, through the town, to transition and then onto the bike (that is if you could find the bike in the masses!)

A massive transition (the camera couldn’t fit in the whole thing)
Black Betty racked and ready

The bike has the infamous Garmin hill, which was a benefit for Kat with her bike strength and saw many people passed – highly satisfying! The run turned into a hang on for as long as possible. Due to the late start for Kat’s wave (25-29) – it meant the run was in near enough midday heat. Hot! Every resident had their hosepipes on to try and cool down the runners, and you just couldn’t take on enough water – it was sapping! However a finish of 13th in AG meant a happy Kat – a great result for the start of the season.

Smiling round the run (or grimacing in the heat?!)

Post race saw us chill, have a few celebratory beverages and have a go at some other physical activities including supping.

Bring on next year!

Drinks for everyone!
Walking round the National Park
Supping on the canal

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