Gatorade Series – Race 1 (2015/16)

The 29th November saw the first race of this year’s Gatorade Series – which Kat participated in last year and Jonney dabbled in a couple.

This year the both of us are fully entered into the whole series and raring to go.

Race 1 – Elwood – 500m sea swim, 20km bike, 5km run

As the swim is both of our weakest legs we definitely were excited these race distances worked in our favour, i.e. proportionately shorter swim. Boom town – time to smash it.

The week leading up saw high winds and storms, and on the Thursday prior there were actual surfers down at Elwood – cue Kat having a meltdown she was going to get lost out at sea. Oh – that was just Jonney’s Garmin being washed off mid race (no Nemo jokes yet…he is still swimming on the search for it). On the actual morning of the race the water looked flat and calm; there were no crazy winds – almost (!) perfect racing conditions.

Jonney was off at 9:15 with Kat ‘chasing’ him down 15minutes later.

We both exited the water fairly happy and made our way through the 2minute transition area with the thousands of bikes. Now where is that bright blue towel again?!

Kat got a tad over excited running out of transition and managed to kick off her chain (rooky error) which lead to a highly embarrassing mount line exhibition on how not to exit transition and how not to mount your bike. 30 seconds of excruciating pain later she was back on the road.

We both love the bike, there’s no denying it, and although neither of us hit the times we had aimed to hit, the splits were still fairly strong.

Out on the run – Jonney flew, Kat did not. After huffing and puffing for the first 1.5km of the run for Kat, she finally got into some sort of rhythm, and went back into passing people rather than them passing her. Big thanks to teammate Frances who passed Kat, and tried to drag her round the remaining run with her. Next time Frances!


Sprinting to the finish line

Final positions – Jonney 5th (25-29) and Kat 4th (25-29) – with just 15 seconds off that glorious podium position. My poor chain has had a lot of cursing, the poor thing. But next time….that’s racing.

Celebrating with Coach Hilario (who won!)

For anyone who is interested splits are below. Congratulations to all of those who raced from Tri Alliance – there were some incredible results out there – and a big shout out to the ladies – who frankly (in Kat’s humble opinion) – DOMINATED.

Kat’s results
Jonney’s results
#girlgang – check out Michelle who WON her 1st ever triathlon

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