Becoming a Dame

Becoming a Dame. Or a Knight. Well not in the British aristocrat type of way but  basically becoming part of an amazing community of riders.


Back in February I received a text from a cycling friend asking if I minded my contact details being passed onto the Knights of Suburbia. Not only had I heard of Knights of the Suburbia, but I had admired their kit from afar at races, and admired the cause that they stood for.

Two days later I received a call from one of the Head Knights, David Rigney, and that was it, I was part of something amazing. The Knights were looking to recruit more ‘Dames’, and with the ever growing female presence on the road, both socially and at racing, they were keen to be involved. As one of female participation in sport’s biggest cheerleaders, I was more than overexcited to be involved and help drive women riding.

Not only that but the Knights stood for a cause thats important. A cause that is ever prevalent in our society. A cause that is growing. And a cause that has a stigma. A stigma that needs to stop. And that cause is the battle against mental health.

They support the phenomenal – Love Me Love You Foundation – that strives to empower and build resilience in young adults so that they may overcome the stigma surrounding mental health and other life hardships.


Through the phonecall with said Head Knight, not only did I become wrapped up in the passion he felt toward this organisation and what they did, but also how he wanted more women riding. I was sold (although it didn’t take much!) and I was ready to get involved.

A few months later I rocked up on a dark morning in Eltham at some ridiculous hour, not knowing anyone but ready to participate in an annual ride they did to fundraise for the Foundation. I picked up my kit, and then enjoyed 2 hours of beautiful riding as the sun rose with a group of strangers who welcomed me wholeheartedly. I knew I was part of something special.

Not only that, post ride my car then had a flat tyre, and the very founder of Love Me Love You, Lance Picioane got down on his hands and news and changed my car’s tyre. Truly a Knight in Shining armour!

Since then the Dames have grown, we have led a successful women’s ride on Mothers Day, and you will have the seen the kit out racing on the back of several of these women in local races. These Dames happen to be some of the most friendly and nicest women I know. So please do say hello to our rocking pink and blue kit.

So watch out roads and watch out racers, there are some new Dames in town, Dames with a huge group of Knights behind them, and Dames with a cause and a battle. #thestigmastopswithme

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